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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Schumer On The Rise

The NY Post reports (via Daily Kos) on Chuck Schumer's rise to prominence since his reelection in November. Excerpt:

In just a few months since taking a key leadership post in the Democratic Party, Sen. Charles Schumer has quietly but forcefully emerged as one of the most powerful players in national politics.

"With all eyes watching the other New York senator, Hillary Rodham Clinton, as she prepares a possible White House run in 2008, it is Schumer who has begun wielding enormous power inside Democratic ranks — raking in untold millions of dollars, making controversial decisions about who will and who won't run for Senate around the country, and even instructing colleagues in his specialty — the art of getting media attention."

The article goes on to to report that some groups are upset that Schumer is lining up anti-abortion Democrats to challenge Republicans in some states. Obviously, it would be preferable to run candidates who advocate abortion rights, but the reality is that they cannot win in some races and it's better to have a Democrat who agrees on issues other than abortion than a Republican whose disagreement only begins with abortion.

With the attention Schumer is getting, perhaps it's only a matter of time before speculation begins about his further ambitions. Afterall, these days, it's hard to be a high profile pol in NY and not be talked about for future national campaigns.


  • Schumer has publicly said he won't run for governor of New York, although I don't know if that would really stop him. I think the man has a point in trying to get moderate/conservative democrats elected in states where a liberal won't win. Not that I think we need more conservatives in office, but the Democrats can't afford to be shut out in both houses and the presidency.

    By Blogger Mark, at 3:07 AM  

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