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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

No "Culture Of Life" In Darfur

The Moose asks - is the blogosphere powerful enough to stop genocide?

"Much has been made about the influence of the blogosphere on our politics. So, can the blogosphere bring its power to stop the ongoing genocide in Darfur?"

That's a tall order, but Mr. Whitman begs a very important question: In all the fervent debate over issues of life and death of late, why is so little attention paid to the genocide taking place in Darfur?

Furthermore, why do some people find it necessary for the federal government to intervene in the case of one unfortunate victim, such as Terri Schiavo, yet the pain and suffering of an entire region is not cause for action? Why can our president rush back to Washington in the middle of the night to sign something in his pajamas for a dying woman in Florida, but not focus the world's attention on the many dying in Sudan?

Shouldn't any so-called "culture of life" include those being killed for cultural and ethnic reasons?


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