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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Strong Red State Dems

Daily Kos believes it's a good sign that red state Democrats are being tapped to lead the party's opposition in the Senate. Excerpt:

I think it's becoming CW that Reid's Senate is off to a great start -- a unified, focused caucus ramping up strong, principled opposition to Bush his Republican cronies.

"Part of that newfound effectiveness may stem from the absence of those very Democrats who once backed key tenets of the Bush agenda, only to be targetted and defeated the following election cycle.

"But part of it seems to be based on Reid's deputizing of key Red State Democrats."

Previous support for Bush Administration policies by red state Dems often gave the appearance of ideological weakness. If Senators in red states can prove successful in true opposition to Bush and his Senate allies, the show of strength could help them later as they're targeted in future elections.


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