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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Red State + Blue State = Purple Nation

For all this talk the past couple of days of Red States and Blue States, I think this map helps to keep things in perspective.

Yes, we're still a country divided, but state boundaries are artificial. There were not two separate elections on Tuesday-- one Democratic and one Republican. There was one election. It's easy to say you disagree with a whole state and lots of people will try to use the Electoral College to justify this, but it just isn't so. For the most part, no matter how you voted, you disagree with a slight majority in some states and slight minority in others. And even at that, unless you're at the extreme of either side, it's probably true that a good number of those people you disagree with are much closer to your positions than you may feel right now. They just happen to be right on the other side of the divide. The thing to do now is not feel alienated and not alienate. We have to reach out and try to make people understand our values and, instead of chastising others for theirs, try to engage them civilly in a discussion about where to go from here.


  • Well put. I really wish that the population of a country that calls itself The United States would consider themselves as actually being truly united. Obviously, the political rhetoric that is tossed about during the individuals campaigns creates differences that are greater than usual, but its over. Bush will be president for the next four years, whether we like it or not. I do not like George Bush, but I love my country. Therefore I will accept him, and respect him as my president.

    By Blogger James W Peet, at 5:37 PM  

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